Cliff Richard 1968-1983 (LP)
COLUMBIA SCXM.6244 Cliff In Japan Release date:
May 1968
"Cliff In Japan"
1. Shout
2. I'll Come Running
3. The Minute You're Gone
4. On The Beach
5. Hang On To A Dream
6. Spanish Harlem
7. Finders Keepers
8. Visions 9.Move It
10. Living Doll
11. La La La La La
12. Twist And Shout
13. Evergreen Tree
14. What'd I Say
15. Dynamite
16. Medley: Lets Make A Memory - The Young Ones-Lucky Lips - Summer Holiday-We Say Yeah
COLUMBIA SCXM.6262 Two A Penny Release date:
August 1968
"Two A Penny"
1. Two A Penny
2. Ill Love You Forever     Today
3. Questions
4. Long Is The Night     (Instrumental)
5. Lonely Girl
6. And Me (Im On The     Outside Now)
7. Daybreak (Instrumental)
8. Twist And Shout
9. Celeste (Instrumental)
Bonus Tracks:
10. Wake Up Wake Up
11. Cloudy
12. Red Rubber Ball
13. Close To Kathy
14. Rattler
COLUMBIA SCXM.6282 Established 1958 Release date:
September 1968
"Established 1958"

1. Don't Forget To Catch Me
2. Voyage To The Bottom Of The Bath* 3. Not The Way That It Should Be 4. Poem* 5. The Dreams I Dream 6. The Average Life Of A Daily Man* 7. Somewhere By The Sea 8. Banana Man* 9. Girl On The Bus 10. The Magical Mrs. Clamps* 11. Ooh La La 12. Here I Go Again Loving You* 13. Whats Behind The Eyes Of Mary 14. Maggies Samba*

*(7 tracks by The Shadows)
COLUMBIA SCXM.6357 Sincerely Release date:
October 1969

1. In The Past
2. Always
3. Will You Love Me     Tomorrow
4. Youll Want Me
5. Im Not Getting Married
6. Time
7. For Emily Whenever I     May Find Her
8. Baby I Could Be So Good     At Loving You
9. Sam
10. Londons Not Too Far
11. Take Action
12. Take Good Care Of Her
13. When I Find You
14. Punch And Judy
REGAL STARLINE SRS 5031 Live At The Talk Of The Town Release date:
July 1970
"Live At The Talk Of The Town"
1. Intro: Congratulations
2. Shout 3. All My Love
4. Aint Nothing But A House Party 5. Something Good-If Ever I Should Leave You
6. Girl Youll Be A Woman Soon 7. Hank's Medley: Londons Not Too Far -The Dreams I Dream -The Day I Met Marie 8. La La La La La 9. A Taste Of Honey 10. The Lady Came From Baltimore 11. When Im 64 12. Whats More I Don't Need Her 13. Bows And Fanfare 14. Congratulations 15. Visions 16. Finale: Congratulations
COLUMBIA SCXM.6435 Tracks N Grooves Release date:
November 1970
"Tracks N Grooves"
1. Early In The Morning
2. As I Walk Into The Morning Of You Life 3. Love Truth And Emily Stone
4. My Head Goes Around
5. Put My Mind At Ease
6. Abraham Martin And John 7. The Girl Cant Help It 8. Bang Band (My Baby Shot Me Down) 9. Ill Make It All Up To You 10. Id Just Be Fool Enough 11. Don't Let Tonight Ever End 12. What A Silly Thing To Do 13. Your Hearts Not In Your Love 14. Dont Ask Me To Be Friends 15. Are You Only Fooling Me
EMC 3016 EMI Take Me High Release date:
December 1973
"Take Me High"
Side One
1. It's Only Money
2. Midnight Blue
3. Hover (Instrumental)
4. Why?
5. Life
6. Driving
7. The Game
8. Brumburger Duet
Side Two
1. Take Me High
2. The Anti-Brotherhood Of
3. Winning
4. Driving (Instrumental)
5. Join The Band
6. The Word Is Love
7. Brumburger Finale
EMA 768 EMI Help It Along Release date:
June 1974
"Help It Along"

Side One
1. Day By Day
2. Celestial Houses
3. Jesus
4. Silvery Rain
5. Jesus Loves You
6. Fire And Rain
Side Two
1. Yesterday Today Forever
2. Mr. Business Man
3. Help It Along
4. Amazing Grace
5. Higher Ground
6. Sing A Song Of Freedom
EMC 3048 EMI 31st Of February Street Release date:
November 1974
"31st Of February Street"

Side One
1. Give Me Back That Old
    Familiar Feeling
2. The Leaving
3. Travellin Light
4. There You Go Again
5. Nothing To Remind Me
6. Our Love Could Be So
Side Two
1. No Matter What
2. Fireside Song
3. Going Away
4. Long Long Time
5. You Will Never Know
6. The Singer
EMC 3122 EMI I'm Nearly Famous Release date:
May 1976
"I'm Nearly Famous"

Side One
1. I Cant Ask For Any More
    Than You
2. Its No Use Pretending
3. Im Nearly Famous
4. Lovers
5. Junior Cowboy
6. Miss You Nights
Side Two
1. I Wish Youd Change
    Your Mind
2. Devil Woman
3. Such Is The Mystery
4. Youve Got To Give Me
    All Your Lovin
5. If You Walked Away
6. Alright Its Alright
EMC 3172 EMI Every Face Tells a Story Release date:
March 1977
"Every Face Tells a Story"

Side One
1. My Kinda Life
2. Must Be Love
3. When Two Worlds
    Drift Apart
4. You Got Me Wondering
5. Every Face Tells a Story
    (It Never Tells a Lie)
6. Try a Smile
Side Two
1. Hey Mr. Dreammaker
2. Give Me Love Your Way
3. Up in the World
4. Don't Turn the Light Out
5. It'll Be Me Babe
6. Spider Man
EMC 3219 EMI Small Corners Release date:
November 1977
"Small Corners"

Side One
1. Why Should The Devil
    Have All The Good Music
2. I Love
3. Why Me
4. I've Got News For You
5. Hey Watcha Say
6. I Wish We'd All Been
Side Two
1. Joseph
2. Good On The Sally Army
3. Goin Home
4. Up In Canada
5. Yes He Lives
6. When I Survey The
    Wondrous Cross
EMC 3237 EMI Green Light Release date:
September 1978
"Green Light"

Side One
1. Green Light
2. Under Lock And Key
3. Shes A Gipsy
4. Count Me Out
5. Please Remember Me
6. Never Even Thought
Side Two
1. Free My Soul
2. Start All Over Again
3. While She's Young
4. Cant Take The Hurt Any     More
5. Ease Along
EMTV 15 EMI Thank You Very Much Release date:
February 1979
"Thank You Very Much"
1. The Young Ones
2. Do You Wanna Dance
3. The Day I Met Marie
4. Shadoogie
    (The Shadows)
5. Atlantis (The Shadows)
6. Nivram (The Shadows)
7. Apache (The Shadows)
8. Please Dont Tease
9. Miss You Nights
10. Move It
11. Willie And The Hand Jive
12. All Shook Up
13. Devil Woman
14. Why Should The Devil     Have All The Good Music
15. End Of The Show
EMC 3307 EMI Rock N Roll Juvenile Release date:
September 1979
"Rock N Roll Juvenile"

Side One
1. Monday Thru Friday
2. Doing Fine
3. Cities May Fall
4. You Know That I Love
5. My Luck Wont Change
6. Rock N Roll Juvenile

Side Two
1. Sci Fi
2. Fallin In Love
3. Carrie
4. Hot Shot
5. Language Of Love
6. We Dont Talk Any More
EMA 796 EMI I'm No Hero Release date:
August 1980
"I'm No Hero"

Side One
1. Take Another Look
2. Anything I Can Do
3. A Little In Love
4. Here (So Doggone Blue)
5. Give A Little Bit More

Side Two
1. In The Night
2. Im No Hero
3. Dreamin
4. A Heart Will Break
5. Everyman
EMC 3377 EMI Wired For Sound Release date:
September 1981
"Wired For Sound"

Side One
1. Wired For Sound
2. Once In A While
3. Better Than I Know
4. Oh No Dont Let Go
5. Cos I Love That Rock N

Side Two
6. Broken Doll
7. Lost In A Lonely World
8. Summer Rain
9. Young Love
10. Say You Dont Mind
11. Daddys Home
EMC 3415 EMI Now You See Me Now You Dont Release date:
August 1982
"Now You See Me Now You Dont"

Side One
1. The Only Way Out
2. First Date
3. Thief In The Night
4. Where Do We Go From
5. Son Of Thunder
6. Little Town
Side Two
1. It Has To Be You It Has
    To Be Me
2. The Water Is Wide
3. Now You See Me Now
    You Don't
4. Be In My Heart
5. Discovering
EMC 3432 EMI Dressed For The Occasion Release date:
May 1983
"Dressed For The Occasion"

Side One
1. Green Light
2. We Dont Talk Any More
3. True Love Ways
4. Softly As I Leave You
5. Carrie
6. Miss You Nights

Side Two
1. Galadriel
2. Maybe Someday
3. Thief In The Night
4. Up In The World
5. Treasure Of Love
6. Devil Woman
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